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Castleville: Battle for the Portal – Sylphie Quest (1-12)

Battle for the Portal 
Sylphie Quest (1-12)
Fairy world is in danger and Syphie has a friend to set him free.
Let’s help them both in 12 missions quest-line given by Sylphie and reaching the magical dimensional portal. Enemy is Faugrimm, as usual.
Check below the quest-line:

A Portal Too Far  – Battle for the Portal:  1 of 12
“Blaze is trapped near the magical Dimensional Portal we fairies use to travel to your world. We must free him!”
  • Have 4 Hedge Shears to cut growth blocking your path. (Ask Friends)
  • Explore the Gloom in the search of the mysterious Portal. (Select the new area and disperse the Gloom.)
  • Inspect the Ice Bramble Wall. (Click on it.)
  • Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 XP
Cold Hearted - Battle for the Portal: 2 of 12
“We can’t get around Hazel’s Icy Brambles. We need to find a way to break them before Faugrimm can threaten the Fairy Realm!”
  • Try to chop down the Ice Bramble Wall. (Click to chop it.)
  • Mine 3 Stones to throw at the brambles. (Mining Camps won’t count; only actual Stones.)
  • Tax 2 houses and to see if anyone knows how to melt Icy Brambles.
  • Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 XP
Love Hurts - Battle for the Portal: 3 of 12
“Make magic dolls that channel the destructive force of Hazel and Faugrimm’s relationship. These might break through the Ice Bramble!”
  • Destroy the Ice Bramble Wall. (Click on it.)
  • Craft 1 Hazel Doll. (Studio.)
  • Craft 1 Faugrimm Doll. (Studio.)
  • Rewards: 1750 Coins, 35 XP
Blaze Through - Battle for the Portal: 4 of 12
“We need to reach the Portal, fast! Blaze the Dragon needs us!”
  • Explore the Gloom to reach the mysterious Portal. (Select the new area and disperse the Gloom.)
  • Fish 1 time in your Kingdom, you’ll need water for your journey. (Click on a Pond, wash basin,…)
  • Tend 8 Chickens. Eggs will keep you nourished while you explore.
  • Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 XP
Cloning Around - Battle for the Portal: 5 of 12
“We need to clear a way to the Contraption so we can free Blaze and stop Faugrimm!”
  • Have 6 Warning Horns to alert others of Faugrimm’s presence. (Ask Friends)
  • Banish 2 Gloom Goblins so you can rescue the trapped dragon.
  • Craft 2 Hard Boiled Eggs to keep up your strength. (Kitchen.)
  • Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 XP
Glyph Busters - Battle for the Portal: 6 of 12
“This first restraint is the Glyph of Greed. We must destroy it with Generosity, Greed’s mortal enemy!”
  • Craft 4 Elements of Charity to break the Glyph of Greed. (Kitchen. Care Package Hint: You can get 5 from every post and keep only 2 in your inventory, so ask for the other items first as 3 of them go to waste plus do not click on more then 2 packages if you have none)
  • Tend 10 Flowers to prove your generosity. (Tend Flowers around your kingdom.)
  • Destroy the Glyph of Greed.
  • Rewards: 2500 Coins, 50 XP
Care Package (Wall Post)
Alastair’s Errand - Battle for the Portal: 7 of 12
“We must help Alastair solve the riddle of this next Glyph, so that we can free Blaze. Gather the supplies he needs.”
  • Craft 2 Parchment for Alastair’s notes. (Studio.)
  • Craft 2 Bottles of Ink to write down clues. (Studio.)
  • Tax 10 Houses to gather Alastair’s notes. (Click on Houses to tax them, you can tax your Neighbors’ houses too!)
  • Rewards: 1750 Coins, 35 XP
Two To Go - Battle for the Portal: 8 of 12
“We must now gather all the Humility we can, for only Humility can break the Glyph of Pride!”
  • Craft 5 Elements of Humility to break the Glyph of Pride.(Studio.)
  • Clear 5 Grass to ponder your Kingdom’s humble beginnings.
  • Sell 2 Silver Ore to reduce thoughts of vanity. (Materials > Inventory and sell Silver Ore)
  • Rewards: 2500 Coins, 50 XP
Time To Focus - Battle for the Portal: 9 of 12 “While we wait for Alastair you should check on your Kingdom and make certain Hazel didn’t do anything despicable!”
  • Craft 1 Bubbly Grog to secure your crops against tampering. (Kitchen.)
  • Check 10 Animals in your Kingdom in case Hazel may have bothered them. (Feed Animals in your Kingdom.)
  • Use 1 Super Chop to leave nowhere for her to hide. (Choose a tree with the most chops left to get the most out of your Super Chop! If you don’t have a super chop, you can buy in the market by 35 Reputation Points or craft one in the Workshop – it takes 24 hours, so do it in advance.)
  • Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 XP
Without Restraint - Battle for the Portal: 10 of 12
“We must center ourselves and keep our tempers in check! Only Serenity can destroy the Glyph of Wrath! ”
  • Craft 6 Elements of Serenity to break the Glyph of Wrath. (Studio.)
  • Fish 10 times to relax by the tranquil waters. (Pond.)
  • Destroy the Glyph of Wrath
  • Rewards: 3250 Coins, 65 XP
Attack of the Clone - Battle for the Portal: 11 of 12
“The dangerous Contraption is still working! Let’s destroy it so Faugrimm can’t pull any more surprises.”
  • Have 8 Dragon Treats to help Blaze regain his strength. (Ask Friends)
  • Craft 1 Mace of Nullification to destroy Faugrimm’s Cloning Machine. (Workshop.)
  • Use the Mace of Nullification to destroy Faugrimm’s Cloning Machine. (Click on Clone Machine to destroy it.)
  • Rewards: 2000 Coins, 40 XP
Re-engineering the Portal - Battle for the Portal: 12 of 12
“We should fiddle with the pieces of the broken Dimensional Portal. We may learn to build our own Portal, or something else almost as cool!”
  • Craft 3 Rifting Scepters to clean up the aftermath of Blaze’s fight. (Studio.)
  • Craft 3 Hammers to use in re-engineering the Broken Portal. (Workshop, own a Blacksmith.)
  • Deconstruct the Broken Portal and study its secrets. (Click on the Portal.)
  • Rewards: 1750 Coins, 35 XP
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